Social Login Translations

Last modified by Zoltan Farkas on 2016/12/01 12:24

xwiki.socialLogin.youMustBeNewHere=You must be new here
xwiki.socialLogin.createProfileMessage=We could not find a user account linked with this {0} profile. Pick-up a username in the box below and we'll create it for you right away.
xwiki.socialLogin.pickupUsername=Pick up a username
xwiki.socialLogin.createMyAccount=Create my account
xwiki.socialLogin.updatedSocialProfile=Updated social profile
xwiki.socialLogin.youMustPickUsername=You must pick up a username
xwiki.socialLogin.usernameAlreadyTaken=Username already taken
xwiki.socialLogin.nothingToDo=Nothing to do
xwiki.socialLogin.genericError=Something went wrong : {0}
xwiki.socialLogin.unauthorizedDomainError=You are not from an authorized domain
xwiki.socialLogin.registrationAlreadyStarted=You already have a pending registration for [{0}]. Click to finalize
xwiki.socialLogin.signInWith=Sign in with {0}

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