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Automating your Slack status with Caret Service

In this page we describe the process of forwarding your Caret status to Slack. Once you finish the steps described here, your real time status will be visible in the Slack workspace you are using. This way, your friends and colleagues will see your availability through the Slack interface as well (e.g. In Vehicle, In Call, Silent, Event, Walking, Running, Biking, etc.). Share actions as interactive statuses that are automatically detected by built-in sensors.

NOTE: Currently, Caret Slack Service is available for Android devices, iOS support is in progress.


STEP 0) We assume that you have the Caret application installed on your device and that you already installed Caret Slack Service in your Slack workspace

STEP 1) Please go the Caret Slack App installation URL and grant permission

STEP 2) Enjoy!

Step-by-step install: Prerequisites

We assume that you have the Caret application installed on a device, e.g. on a phone or tablet running Android or iOS. Also make sure that after installing the Caret application, you register your phone number in the app.
We also assume that you have installed the Caret Slack Service in your Slack workspace.

Authorization and authentication

Please go the Caret Slack App installation URL. Here you have to grant permissions to modify your Slack profile by the Caret Slack App. This is necessary, as this permission is needed to set a custom status inside Slack, which reflects your Caret status.

Slack authorization

As next step, please enter the phone number you have registered in the Caret app.

Enter Caret phone number

Here, you'll receive a PIN code. Confirm that you own the phone number by entering the PIN code sent to this number.

Enter PIN code

If the confirmation is successfull, you'll see a 'Service subscription was successful.' message. After confirmation, Caret will have the necessary tokens to set you status inside Slack based on your Caret status.

Successful integration

Checking the integration

Go to the Caret app's address book (first tab), under 'My Profile' you'll see 'Services', which should have now Slack included. If you click on Slack, you'll see the details of this service, you can change the group associated (this defines the level of information forwarded towards Slack), and you can also set if you'd like your phone number appear in the Slack status message.

Please change your Caret status by using the status wheel (third tab) in the Caret app, and check how your status in Slack is updated.

Control Your Privacy

Manage the level of details others see about you. You can assign service policy to your Slack service: grant Default (shares only Available/Busy status), Trusted (shares exact status e.g. In Call, In Vehicle, Event, etc.), VIP (shares exact status with details e.g. Event with title) or Blocked (you can temporarily block sharing) service policy. You can also decide if you want to share your phone number and display that on Slack or not.


That's all!

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