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102 102  == Apache Kafka ==
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104 +Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform, with features similar to RabbitMQ. The core of Kafka is the stream, which receives data published by producers, and subscribers can consume the data of the stream. And advante of Kafka compared to RabbitMQ pushing it close to Caret is the availability to support offline consumers as well - however, in case of Kafka it is the task of the consumer to keep track of messages processed so far. Thus, a Kafka consumer has to enumerate through all the messages in a stream in order to find the latest relevant one - in case of Caret, this is solved automatically, offline Caret clients becoming available will not receive historical status published, but only the latest one.
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106 +Kafka also offers a [[number of clients for different programming languages>>]], however currently it lacks support for Objective-C and Swift.
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